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  • My Journey into the world of Teen Pregnancy

    My Journey into the world of Teen Pregnancy

    By Sabra Mustafa Kambona Teen pregnancy is a problem which has begun to spread at an alarming rate in Tanzania and is evident with adolescent girls around the world. Africa south of the Sahara has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy (Source: UNICEF) which made me interested to find out more on the […]

  • Notes on Gender Based Violence

    Notes on Gender Based Violence

    In the photo (foreground) Gender Justice Activist Professor Ruth Meena of the TGNP makes a point against GBV Article 1 of the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights says “Every individual must be entitled to equal protection of the law.” Tanzania has inherited the English legal system though it sometimes works parallel to customary law.  […]

  • Being Cheeky

    Being Cheeky

    After I got separated from my husband I told everyone who cared to ask after his health that “He died!”  Depending on my mood and the audience, I would put on my solemn bereaved widow’s voice; or my witch’s cackle; or the shrugging “It’s all for the best” voice.   My audience reacted with varying […]

  • Role of the Media in building a Culture of Human Rights

    Role of the Media in building a Culture of Human Rights

    In the photo, TAMWA members accompanied by the daughter of an activist in Dodoma during the lobby of the Sexual Offences Special Provisions Act SOSPA 1998               1. Issues of Concern   Lack of legal literacy and Human Rights awareness has been a major constraint in building a culture […]

  • Being a Feminist

    Being a Feminist

    THE MAINSTREAM often has this image of feminists as a bunch of mustachioed; shouting until hoarse; man hating women. However, the reality is far from this stereotype. Most of the feminists I know, Yours Truly included, are ordinary, feminine women, with ordinary, feminine characteristics. We wear make up; fall in love with that macho man […]

  • Strategies to Confront Gender Based Violence GBV

    Strategies to Confront Gender Based Violence GBV

    Gender-based violence (GBV) is a grave reality in the lives of many women in Tanzania. It results from gender norms and social and economic inequities that give privilege to men over women. There is a mounting recognition in Tanzania of gender discrimination and gender equity in different facets of life. This awakening includes a growing […]

  • Elimination of Discrimination against Women in Tanzania

    Elimination of Discrimination against Women in Tanzania

    The Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women met on February 26, 2016, in Geneva and considered the combined seventh and eighth periodic reports of Tanzania on its implementation of the provisions of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women CEDAW. Presenting the reports, Modest J. Mero, Permanent Representative […]

  • UNYAGO Puberty rites

    UNYAGO Puberty rites

    UNYAGO, or puberty rites, was brought to the coast of Tanzania by Ngindo; Manyema; and Nyasa; migrant ethnic groups in the early 19th century but as a practice, was confined to African peoples until the late 19th century when it was adopted by the Swahili coastal community and incorporated in Swahili culture as an important […]

  • A Day in the life of Mama Lishe

    A Day in the life of Mama Lishe

    It is 4 a.m. early morning. I have to start frying vitumbua, the rice cakes. Now it is 5.30 a.m. and I have to carry the vitumbua to the space near the bus stand and start selling vituambua to people who are going to work. I sell one kitumbua for 150 TZS. On good days […]

  • Domestic Workers

    Domestic Workers

    DOMESTIC WORKERS are the least respected and least exposed working group of women though their contribution to the economy is substantial.  Though they are in the periphery as a labor force, they enable professional women to have the time to engage in practical pursuits to further their careers. They are the ones who spend more […]

  • The Kinondoni Files

    The Kinondoni Files

    The Social Welfare Department in the Kinondoni District Commissioner’s office receives an average of 120 domestic violence cases per month. Over 45 per cent are new cases while the rest are ongoing cases. BAKWATA, the National Muslim Council of Tanzania, receives an average of 11 new domestic violence cases per month. The Tanzania Assemblies of God […]

  • The Rights of Women in Islam

    The Rights of Women in Islam

    BISMILLAHI RAHMAAN, RAHIM  In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, and the Most Merciful MANY issues are brought to light of the atrocities committed against Muslim women on the mistaken belief that it is an Islamic prescription. This is in contrast to the fact that the Koran strongly condemns all forms of oppression and […]

  • Tanzania needs Domestic Violence Legislation

    Tanzania needs Domestic Violence Legislation

    Domestic Violence is a violation of Human Rights.  Violence directed against women by their intimate partners which is known as Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is an epidemic of global proportions with devastating physical; emotional; financial; and social effects; on women, children, families, and communities around the world. The definition of Domestic Violence needs to encompass […]

  • Rejoice!


    SONG AND DANCE are two mediums of communication that women have used the world over as a way of expression. Indeed, the poetry of movement; the lyrics; the lilting melodies of many of our songs have been perfect vehicles for putting together our thoughts; aspirations; triumphs; sadness; displeasure; and love. Through song and dance, women […]

  • He is in Love………..

    He is in Love………..

    HE IS CONSUMED by a passionate fire which has engulfed his entire life; his entire being. He is faithful. In fact, he has always been in love with one person. He spends hours gazing at that person, never getting tired. He admires the person’s wit; the person’s charm; the person’s savoir faire. When he and […]

  • When Polygamy Backfires

    When Polygamy Backfires

    THERE IS NOTHING women dread most than to hear their husbands announce “I’m getting myself a second wife”. Polygamy though tolerated in many ethnic groups in Tanzania, is the stuff that nightmares are made of for the women, not only for the first wife, but the subsequent ones as well! However, there is a lighter […]

  • Stories of Empowerment

    Stories of Empowerment

    Surviving HIV I AM A SURVIVOR. This story is about life, not about death. My name is Sikudhani. I’m 48 years of age. I’m a person living with HIV (PLHIV). I have been living with HIV/AIDS, by living I mean I have been living with the HIV Virus, for the last 25 years. Most people […]

  • Three generations of women Beggars

    Three generations of women Beggars

    MY NAME IS TUMAINI. My mother called me Tumaini, Hope, thinking that my birth would improve her lot in life. It did not! All members of my family are beggars. My two aunts; my cousin Wema; my little brother Nyau; and all our friends here in Dar es Salaam are beggars. We survive by begging […]

  • Shattered Lives……. Child Sexual Abuse

    Shattered Lives……. Child Sexual Abuse

    CHILD abuse takes place in our communities all the time. It takes the form of physical assault by parents and/or other adult family members; emotional abuse; deprivation of basic necessities like food, shelter, education, health care, and time to play; and the most frightening of all forms of abuse but the least discussed in our […]

  • Who Should be Responsible for CHILDCARE in Tanzania?

    Who Should be Responsible for CHILDCARE in Tanzania?

    Childcare has been invariably defined as a process which requires proper manipulation of the child’s environment and needs before birth, early childhood, pre-school age, school-age and teenage. This is essential for the physical, mental, psychological and social development of the child. It is a dynamic process of physical, emotional, intellectual and social growth and maturation […]